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Throat and Neck Services

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Communicating, eating, and drinking involve this vital area. Our team of specialists treat conditions regarding the throat as well as the neck, including cancerous and noncancerous masses, often involving the thyroid and parathyroid.


Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

These procedures are commonly performed by our board-certified physicians in children and adults to address issues related to the tonsils and adenoids.


GERD Reflux treatment

Reflux visualization with a fiberoptic laryngoscope is used by our team to examine the larynx (voice box), pharynx, and upper part of the esophagus to detect signs of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). GERD is a condition where stomach acid causes inflammation and discomfort of the esophagus.


Thyroid treatments

For patients who have suspicious thyroid nodules, our team can perform a fine-needle aspiration to assess if the nodules are benign or cancerous. This is minimally invasive procedure is a good tool for diagnosis for patients where there may be a concern. Our board-certified surgeons can also remove the partial or total thyroid gland (by performing a thyroidectomy) for patients with thyroid cancer, hyper thyroidism, or other related conditions.

Parathyroid surgery 

Parathyroid surgery is highly effective for hyperparathyroidism, often resulting in the normalization of calcium levels and improvement of symptoms. The choice of surgical approach depends on factors such as the underlying cause of hyperparathyroidism and the location of the affected glands.

BOTOX® injections for vocal muscle spasms or involuntary contractions

Our team can treat muscle spasms of the vocal cords (spasmodic dysphonia) or for involuntary contractions of the neck/head (torticollis). These treatments are effective and safe when administered by our board-certified physicians.


Head, throat and neck cancer biopsies and removal

For cancers of the head, throat and neck, a board-certified otoylaryngologist like the board-certified physicians at Head & Neck Surgery of Kansas City is a smart partner in diagnosis, treatment and cancer removal. Our team has the diagnostic tools and routinely performs the necessary surgeries to treat patients with head, throat and neck cancers.

For specific questions about throat and neck treatments offered by Head & Neck Surgery of Kansas City ask our team or schedule an appointment online.

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